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What causes yellow grass?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Yellow can be a beautiful color, like in a sunset, or a dozen yellow roses. However, there are some places yellow doesn't belong. Like in my kids' underwear...

It's also an unappealing color in your grass. Yellow grass in our area is usually caused by three things: over watering, low iron levels, or too much nitrogen. In my experience, over watering is the main culprit. People just can't help themselves from going out to the garage, and hitting that little button. In the picture above, the grass was new sod, and was being watered several times a day. That may be necessary at the very beginning of getting new sod established, but you have to taper off watering to longer and less frequent run times, to encourage deeper root growth. If the turf is constantly wet, the grass will not only start to yellow, but it will also become swampy, suffocated, and susceptible to fungus and disease. Just like your feet, if they are constantly wet and sweaty. If over watering is not your problem, you might try switching to a fertilizer with iron and sulfur, and apply your fertilizer in lighter and more frequent applications. Avoid applying large amounts of fertilizer one or two times a year, which causes big spikes in nitrogen levels.


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