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Avoid over fertilizing

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

A common mistake in fertilizing is putting down a lot of fertilizer in the spring, and not reapplying throughout the year. Too much fertilizer in the spring will make the grass grow like crazy, and slow significantly as the nitrogen wears off. Rapid growth also means mowing more frequently.

Think of a body builder who uses steroids. He is going to make huge gains while he works out and uses steroids, but once he stops using steroids, his muscles will tire, wear out faster, and he won't make near the gains he was before. Not only will your grass be worn out, but with temperatures rising, your grass will be under heat stress and worn out from over growth, and hungry for more nutrients.

A good practice is applying fertilizer at a lower rate, and more frequently throughout the year, to avoid big spikes and dips.


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